Youth Shadow Board (YSB)

The YSB is able to influence the existing board by making proposals and suggestions about how the board could improve the management, products and services, particularly to young people.

Pentecostal Credit Union

What is a Youth Shadow Board?

PCU is managed by a 'Board of Directors'. This is a team of seven people who are responsible for making sure that the organisation runs well, in line with legal and regulatory requirements (that is according to the law of the land and the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority), and delivers excellent services to its membership. They run the credit union on behalf of the members and are elected by the membership to do this.

PCU have established a 'shadow' board made up of our young members - that is our junior savers who are aged 11 - 18 years old. This 'shadow' board are not elected by the membership, but are able to influence the existing board, by making proposals and suggestions about how the board could improve the way they manage the organisation and improve the products and services that the credit union provides, particularly to young people.

Youth Shadow Board

Key features of the YSB

The Blue print model is the UK Youth Parliament

It consists of PCU Junior Members aged 11 - 18

They have no constitutional powers, but they must act as a board. They:

  • Must act democratically;
  • Must adhere to PCU organisational values and principles;
  • Must act with integrity and pass the PCU ‘fit and proper’ test;
  • Meet regularly (once a quarter or as they decide);
  • Must elect a Chair and other office holders etc. ;
  • Must organise themselves (but we will support)

Benefits for YSB members are:

  • Personal development with respect to leadership, money management, governance and citizenship;
  • Access to training and development opportunities - internships and other external development opportunities; we will provide internal training; will offer ABCUL training/conference opportunities;
  • Ability to influence PCU board by presenting their initiatives/ideas;
  • Opportunity to attend to observe board meetings

Benefits for PCU are:

  • Succession Planning - developing the next generation of PCU board members;
  • Customer liaison group - YSB will tell us how we can improve our products and services to better meet the needs of young people; they can become involved in the development of our new products and services aimed at young people and pilot their implementation
  • Developing the next generation of leaders for our communities For more information about The Youth Shadow Board

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YSB run £ONEYWISE WORKSHOP at the University of Wolverhampton

YSB learn new Team Building Skills during 8 days of Leadership workshops